A Few Laboratory Cardio Markers:

A Few Laboratory Examples

Here are just a few laboratory markers to consider regarding cardiovascular disease (CAD) and other disorders:


This is an amino acid. It is often associated with CAD, dementia and lowered cognitive function. It is best to have it less than 9.


This can increase clotting risk. This is especially true if the individual is a smoker, diabetic or high blood pressure case. It is an acute phase marker of inflammation. When LDL is elevated, the risk is greater with elevation of it. Best range is: 250 to 290.


Kannal, WB. Overview of hemostatic factors in involved in artherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Lipids, 2005; 40 (12):1215-1220.

Another marker is Lipoprotein (a) There are, of course, others.


We must tell you to see your physician.

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