Alcohol [al•co•hol -- al-kuh-hawl, -hol -- ˈælkəˌhɒl] is also called ethyl alcohol, ethanol, fermentation alcohol, or grain alcohol which is a colorless, flammable, limpid, volatile, water-miscible liquid (C 2 H 5 OH), that has the characteristic like odor of ether and pungent, burning taste, with the intoxicating principles of fermented liquors, which is produced by yeast fermentation of particular carbohydrates, such as grains, molasses, starch, sugar, or synthetically obtained by the hydration of ethylene or by by-products of certain hydrocarbon syntheses, which are used mostly as a solvent for the extraction of specific substances as in beverages, colognes, lotions, medicines, organic synthesis, tonics, rubbing compounds, like in automobile radiator antifreeze, and in rocket fuel. Drink or drinks such as gin, whiskey, vodka, or any intoxicating liquor that contains this liquid.

What is alcoholism?

Alcohol addiction is simply defined as a compulsive need for an intoxicating liquid that is obtained from fermented grain or fruit. These liquids include beer, wine, and other hard liquors. Alcoholism is present when a person craves alcohol and cannot limit or contain his or her drinking. If someone experiences withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shakiness, or anxiety when alcohol consumption has ceased, or if there is a need to drink greater amounts of alcohol in order to feel a high, that person is most likely alcoholic.

Some may think that it's just a matter of having the will to stop drinking, but alcoholism is more complicated than that. An alcoholic's craving for alcohol is so great that it suppresses their ability to stop drinking. The majority of alcoholics need assistance to stop drinking. With treatment and support from family and friends, many have been able to stop drinking and rebuild their lives. It is a sad fact however that there are still some who are unable to stop in spite of these aids.

Alcohol Addiction

What are the causes and effects of alcoholism? Scientists say that someone who has alcoholic addiction in his/her family is more likely to develop alcoholism if they choose to drink. Alcoholism can also develop or worsen based on a person's environment and traumatic experiences in life. These factors may include culture, family, friends, peer pressures, and the way the person lives.

Alcoholism can lead people into serious trouble, and can be physically and mentally destructive. Currently alcohol use is involved in half of all crimes, murders, accidental deaths, and suicides. There are also many health problems associated with alcohol use such as brain damage, cancer, heart disease, and diseases of the liver. Alcoholics who do not stop drinking reduce life expectancy by 10 to 15 years.

  • Too much alcohol can destroy brain cells, possibly leading to brain damage.
  • Alcohol greatly disturbs the structure and function of the central nervous system, hindering the ability to retrieve, consolidate, and process information.
  • Moderate consumption of alcohol can affect cognitive abilities while large amounts interfere with the oxygen supply of the brain causing a blackout when totally drunk.
  • Alcohol addiction may also inflame the mouth, esophagus, and stomach, and could cause cancer in these areas, especially in drinkers who also smoke.
  • Splurge drinking may produce irregular heartbeats, and abusers experience a higher risk of high-blood pressure, heart attacks, and other heart damage.
  • Alcohol also can harm vision, damage sexual function, slow circulation, be the grounds for malnutrition, and water retention.
  • It can also lead to skin and pancreatic disorders, weaken the bones and muscles, thus, decreasing immunity

A large portion of alcohol taken in is broken down in the liver. It is important to note that the liver has a fixed rate of breaking down the alcohol, so as the liver is overused, disorders and malfunctions can result, making the liver the primary location of alcohol's damage. Liver damage can occur in three stages. The first stage is liver enlargement whereby liver cells are penetrated with abnormal fatty tissue. The second stage is the alcoholic hepatitis whereby liver cells swell, inflame, and eventually die. The third stage is cirrhosis in which fibrous scar tissues are formed, hindering the flow of blood through the liver.

Alcohol Treatment

Our Holistic Health Services in Northridge, CA offer natural treatment for Drug and Alcohol dependency. We utilize a holistic approach without synthetic medications--DRUGS

Our clinician, Dr. Lucy M. Cooper, DAOM, OMD, LAc, can order Functional Blood tests to identify various problems and needs. Nutritional and herbal support can help the individual in recovery from the damage done by substance toxicity.

"Patient Counseling Services"

Our Pastoral Counselor is here to provide caring person support. He is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Read more..

We are here to encourage you in your recovery! Call The Holistic Health Services today at 818 775 1183 to begin your new alcohol free life.


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