Hormones are the chemical messengers in your body that control each specific biological function. They are made by a special group of cells called endocrine glands. Endocrine glands secret small amounts of hormones into the bloodstream. Hormones then travel to tissue and organs through the bloodstream and induce actions in organ cells. Over time, hormones work slowly to affect different processes in your body such as sexual function, development, reproduction, growth, metabolism, and your mood.

Men produce hormones in their testicles. Women produce hormones in their ovaries. Too much of a certain hormone or too little can cause serious problems for a person. We can measure the amount of hormones for you and determine if you have a hormone disorder.

Notes on Hormones and Diet

We have listed some notes on hormones and diets that might be informative to you. They are helpful but more information can be obtained if you contact us for specific information.

Cortisol, Estrogen, Thyroid and Sleep

Sleep dumps your cortisol. This dumping of cortisol is a dumping of your toxic garbage from the body. Increased cortisol and increased estrogen = lowered thyroid. Remember, the thyroid is the power for your ATP. That is energy!

If you wake up at night, it could be because your cortisol is high. If your cellular matrix is full of waste, your cortisol will be high.

Cortisol, Memory and Hormone Depletion

Excess protein in the diet can increase the cortisol. Excess cortisol can damage your hippocampus. This can affect memory and the axis of your adrenals, hypothalamus and pituitary. Excess cortisol can deplete your pregnenolone which is the "mother" of all of the steroid hormones!

More on the Thyroid

Increased adrenaline will lower the thyroid. Chlorine and fluoride will lower your thyroid.

Surprising Notes on Sex Hormones

Both men and women make testosterone. About 2% of testosterone in the body is free. (Only free hormones are available to bind with receptors and work.)

Did you know that men also have progesterone? Yes, men make it in the adrenals.

Estrogen Dominance is Dangerous

If you microwave your food in plastic, it will produce an estrogen and can cause E-2 dominance. (Excess estrogen is dangerous.) Plastics will cause aromatase activity.

Estrone E-1 is made from fat. Aromatase (enzyme) makes estrogen from fat cells. Fiber helps dump excess estrogen. A vegetarian diet will help reduce the excess estrogen. Zinc is an aromatase inhibitor and thus will lower excess estrogen. This will allow testosterone to bind with receptors as it normally would. (Aromatase will convert testosterone to estrogen!) Estrogen has been called the "pig hormone" of the body. Estrogen is inflammatory. Fiber in the diet is needed to bind up excess estrogen so that it will be ridded from the body. Increased estrogen will increase TBG (Thyroid Binding Globulin). (That is how it can lower the thyroid.

Fat cells store toxic waste. Thus, fat breakdown is inflammatory. Inflammation increases cortisol. Abdominal fat is a real estrogen factory! Keep in mind, excess estrogen is dangerous.

In women, the adrenals substitute for the ovaries after menopause. Protect those adrenals!

At Holistic Health Service, we educate our patients on these subjects and many, many more! Learn about your body and diet! Are your herbs, vitamins and minerals really working?

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