Inflammation, Hunger, and Leptin

People get systemic inflammation from the toxins in the body that have not been eliminated.

Leptin is the hormone that tells our brain that we have had enough to eat. It says: "I am full." CRP is an inflammatory marker. Actually, it is an excellent marker for systemic inflammation. Interestingly, leptin and CRP are related. Another interesting fact is that people can have leptin resistance. That can happen with aging. Unfortunately, CRP binds leptin.

Leptin is also associated with heart disease.

Insulin, Obesity and Homocysteine

Excess insulin is inflammatory. People that eat excess carbohydrates—especially concentrated sweets like candy—cause spikes in insulin. When people keep loading themselves with excess carbs they can become insulin resistant so the pancreas will put out even more insulin! Of course, these people are headed for diabetes.

Did you know that craving for sweets could be a chromium deficiency?

CRP is elevated in diabetics. Remember, CRP is an excellent marker for systemic inflammation. (IL-6 is also elevated in diabetics.)

Insulin increases ghrelin, cortisol and norepinephrine. Remember, ghrelin says: "I am hungry!" Cortisol increases insulin. Wow! What a cycle!

Did you know that excess blood sugar "rots" in the arteries and veins? This is called glycation.

Meat is inflammatory. It will deliver a lot of arachadonic acid to the system. People need to reduce their meat. Your Omega-3 (fish oil) will for sure reduce inflammation. Omega 3 is great. It will even help with ADHD, depression, arthritis and osteoporosis. Of course, it is great for the cardiovascular health too!


After menopause, women still need progesterone. It has a positive effect. Postmenopause, women get progesterone from their adrenals. If cortisol is increased, it can block progesterone. Increased cortisol can also decrease thyroid expression. Remember, the thyroid is needed for metabolism. Thyroid powers the ATP—energy.

Fat cells make aromatase, an enzyme. Aromatase will cause testosterone to be converted to a form of estrogen (E-2). Exercise increases testosterone. Estrogen blocks testosterone. Remember, abdominal fat is a producer of estrogen. Estrogen excess (dominance) is dangerous for both men and women.

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