Processed Food

Processes food is food that has been changed from its original form. Any food that’s been changed from its natural state is considered to be processes. Foods are either processed for convenience or safety. Food processing methods are: canning, dehydrating, refrigerating, freezing, and aseptic processing.

Processed food ranges are from minimal to heavy.

  • Minimal processed foods are usually pre-prepped for convenience. For example, cut vegetables and roasted nuts.
  • Foods at their peak processed to keep their nutritional quality and freshness. For example, canned beans, canned tuna, frozen fruit and vegetables, and tomatoes.
  • Foods with artificial flavors and texture. For example, sweeteners, colors and preservatives, salad dressing, and yogurt.
  • Ready-to-eat foods are heavy processed. For example, crackers, lunch meat, and deli meat.
  • Frozen or pre-made foods are the most heavily processed. For example, frozen pizza and microwaveable dinners.

Mental Health

Mental health - a state of well-being, emotional and psychological, in which a person is able to their cognitive and emotional capabilities, cope with the demands of everyday life, and function in society.

Consequences Examples:

Consumption of denatured, possessed foods is leading to widespread nutritional imbalances, some of which have a marked influence on psychiatric health.

Pellagra is a disorder caused by niacin deficiency, which includes mental symptoms such as irrational anger, feelings of persecution, mania, and dementia

Research begun in the 1950's has shown high-dose niacin supplementation to be a very effective treatment option for mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. In studies using 3,000 milligrams of niacin a day, an astounding 80 percent of schizophrenia cases were resolved.

Studies have also confirmed the B vitamin can successfully treat attention deficit disorder, general psychosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and violent behavior.

High doses of vitamin B3 (niacin) may also combat hard-to-treat super-bugs, including antibiotic-resistance staph infections. The research showed high doses of the vitamin boosted the immune system 1,000 fold, effectively killing off the harmful bugs.

There is a profound relationship between endocrine, neurologic and brain functioning. Diet plays a role in this triad.


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