Vitamins are more essential to our bodies rather than information about them, but knowing about them can help us make better choices both in terms of the food we eat, and the knowing of when we need to take vitamin supplements. However, we take the guess work out of this process by administering blood test to accurately determine which vitamin supplements you might need.

Are Vitamins Necessary?

Vitamins are very necessary for our body, as nutrients, and sometimes as a boost to our metabolic process, however, our bodies do not make the most of its vitamins on its own. Provided you have a healthy population of good bacteria some of the B vitamins are made in our gut, but normally, we get vitamins and minerals from food.

Vitamins are like the foot soldiers in the army. They work as an organized team, going about doing their work as one unit. However, vitamins themselves do not influence things like blood pressure, heart rate, or glucose levels, but they do take part in the making of the things that do - like our hormones and enzymes. The body engages complex pathways for the tasks that need to be done, sort of like a domino effect. And many vitamins, like vitamin K, are involved in these processes. For example, Vitamin K takes part in the process by which glucose is stored in our cells, making it available when needed.

Vitamin information describes our body need for 13 different types of vitamins to ensure proper body function. This includes the repairing and making new tissue and cells, helping the body's metabolism, supporting the immune system, and removing waste and metabolic by-products.

Functional Blood Test

Our licensed practitioner can order "Functionalz Blood Tests" from an accredited lab. Our practitioner can match your vitamins and herbs to your blood test results. These are special blood tests with higher standards for "normal" than other tests.

To ensure proper body functions vitamin information describes our body need for 13 different types of vitamins. This includes the repairing, making new cells and tissue, helping the body's metabolism, supporting the immune system, removing waste and metabolic by-products.

Vitamins - How Much is Enough?

Everybody have different vitamin needs. Your age and gender, your breastfeeding or pregnant could determine your vitamins needs. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) takes into account the different metabolic needs that you face at different stages in our life.

The Elderly, Teenagers, Children, and infants all have different daily vitamin needs. They reflect the levels of activity of their developing and declining body systems.

Vitamin Information - Problems Associated with Deficiencies

Problems associated with vitamin deficiencies build up over time. In the meantime, our bodies try to cope the best it can. Vitamins are so low key but play such an important role in our bodies, that first, we may not even notice that vitamin deficiencies are contributing to the development of diseases.

For example, vitamin E deficiencies can lead to red blood cell destruction. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to deformed or weak bones, which makes us susceptible to fractures. Not enough vitamin C can affect our immune system, which can lead to tiredness, or even bleeding gums.

A blood test can give us accurate information as to whether or not we are vitamin deficient. As a precaution, you should ensure you are getting what you need, either through diet, or vitamin supplements.


Blood Test SignYou should have a blood test to more accurately diagnose your nutritional needs.


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